“Complete Remission with Lyme’s Disease: I had Lyme for over 15 years. I tried everything. Through serendipity, I was led to Kay. After 2 sessions I had a complete remission.”  
- Lisa, Jamestown, RI


“It was working with Kay that was the turning point for me.”
- Jane C., 
Portland, OR


“Kay is one of the most talented healers that I have ever worked with and I recommend her to people often.”
- Jamie C., New Orleans, LA


“Kay changed my whole life!”
- John Q., M.D., New York, NY


“Doing healing work with Kay, it’s hard to explain. It is like nothing’s changed, and at the same time everything feels totally different.”

- F. C., New York, NY



“Kay’s advice on how to supplement my diet had resulted in a complete reversal of my autoimmune issues. I am truly grateful that I took a chance and made a call to her.”  

- Jennifer K., New York, NY



“Kay helped me loose over 40 pounds, and now I am sleeping better and have so much more energy!”  

- Angel, New York, NY



"Kay is a special healer. Her magical and joyful energy is apparent when you first meet her, and her care and commitment to clients make the healing process both fun and nurturing.  I first came to her knowing nothing about shamanism.  She put me at ease immediately, and through her dedication to my healing over the past several years, has moved me through many difficult issues in my life. I highly recommend her services for anyone struggling with emotional issues, looking to make life changes, or just looking for greater spiritual growth and understanding!"




“Kay and I went to high school together. I had not seen her for years. She saw my posts on Facebook about my husband who was very very sick and in the ICU for several weeks. His prognosis was very bad. We didn't think he was going to make it and I made a post on Facebook. Kay sent me a message and offered to do a healing on my husband for free. The next day after she did the healing, he had what I can only describe as a miraculous turn around. From the time after she did healing, his health improved every day. He has since made a full recovery and we were able to bring him home for Christmas. I don’t know what she does but I call her magic hands! I know it saved my husband’s life.”

- Susan Ota, Pennington, CA



“Honestly, I have to be real and say working with Kay was hard. It was worth it, but it was hard. She’s really held me accountable and called me on my stuff. She didn't let me make excuses and I really had to look how it was that I was the creator of a whole bunch of drama in my life and she hung in there with me and helped me stop sabotaging myself.”

- Mark W, New Haven, CT



“Kay helped our family deal holistically for an intervention for a family member. She helped us all to see how we were all playing a role in the addiction. It was painful for all of us to see that it wasn't just the person that was addicted that needed to change. She helped us create a treatment plan, which included us going to our own much needed support groups. She had us wait to do the intervention until we were ready and when it finally came about we dealt with it like a team. We have peace in our family again. Thank you Kay.”
– B.C., Delaware.



“I had spent so much money in my previous relationship with a couples therapist and we just went in circles. My girlfriend and I had so many breakthroughs in just a few sessions with Kay and she really gave us some tools to stop the drama and the power struggle and we are much more of a team now, and we are on solid ground. Kay rocks!”
– SJ, Westchester, NY


“Kay helped my son and daughter so much! Neither one could sleep though the night. They were constantly jumping in our bed at night. We were losing sleep and it was affecting my husband’s work. They were seeing things at night and it was scaring them. Kay came to do a energy cleaning of our building. It turns out our building used to be a place of worship, a synagogue in the early 1900’s but it was converted into an apartment building. Ever since she blessed the space, my kids are sleeping in their own beds and not scared any longer! My husband, who was very skeptical and still is skeptical, even said he could not deny that everything changed for the better after Kay’s clearing. If you live in a house where the vibe feels weird… get it blessed by Kay!”
– Madeline, NYC


“Kay did some healing sessions on my dog. He had a heart condition. The vet had given him a month to live. He ended up living another 8 months and I am sure it was because of the support that my dog got from Kay’s healing work.”
– Charles, CT

“I came to Kay for a healing because I was struggling with the loss of my dad. I wish I could say that I had total faith but I struggle with a lot of Spiritual stuff. Turns out I had been at a group reading with the Long Island Medium about a year before my session with Kay. Kay communicated the same information that Theresa had told me. That gave me great assurance that this stuff isn't all just mumbo jumbo. I am still not sure how it all works but I feel so much better since doing the session with Kay.”
– J.J., NJ


“Kay stood by me during my divorce. She helped me navigate a very difficult time with multiple losses. I never felt like she wasn't there for me. She really cares about other people and I felt fully supported.”
– U.B., Queens, NY

“I work as a public figure who has to give speeches a lot. Before working with Kay, I would get so nervous that I would get nauseous and sometimes throw up before speaking engagements. But after one session with Kay - boom no more nerves or pre-speaking jitters. It’s really helped me so much!”  
- Name held upon request.


“Kay came to our home and helped us space clear after a tragic death took place. It helped us move on from a very painful and sad time with some hope. We appreciate her being there in our time of need with no judgment- just compassion and support!”
 – L.L., NY


“I am a reformed junk food junkie thanks to Kay. She took me shopping, she showed me how to improve my diet in a way that was fun and realistic and she got me on some great supplements that have resolved my health issues.  I feel so much better and I have so much more energy for my life!” 
– O.W., Brooklyn, NY