Space Clearing and House Blessings

Energy balancing and harmony are vital not only to the physical body but 

to the space within which we work and live. Tragic events, stressful 

situations, and prolonged periods of stress or strong emotional 

attachments to objects or dwellings can lead to problems for present and 

future occupants of living and work spaces.

Space clearing can have enormous benefits on the physical, emotional 

and financial health and wellbeing of all that interact with and occupy 

affected spaces.  Space clearings can be quite simple or, in some 

instances, in the case of a death or other tragic events, can be more 

dynamic and complex.

I use compassionate, heart-centered and loving rituals for transmutation of 

the heavy energies.

Space Clearings are normally done in 2 parts.  First there is an initial 

consultation and walk of the space to assess the issues and determine the 


For more information you can view my participation in the Travel Channel’s 

program “Dead Files Revisited” where I was called in by a family to heal 

their space after it was determined to have several issues affecting the 


Cost varies depending on the complexity of the issue and travel to location 

as well as supplies needed for healing (incense, candles, flowers etc.).