Energy Medicine Therapy

Shamanic Energy Medicine (SEM) is the ancient science of what we now 

call epigenetics. SEM utilizes a series of techniques and rituals to 

profoundly improve the quality of a client’s energetic body. It is the oldest 

and most widely known system of healing on the planet. The precepts of 

shamanism underpin all cultures and faiths worldwide.

SEM instructs our cells, molecules and DNA to create health wellness and 

balance. Unlike other modalities, SEM does not accept that your 

circumstances are only caused by your DNA’s instructions from your 

ancestral family. Most of us do not think that we can change our inherited 

illnesses, dramas and stories - be they mental, emotional or physical. 

However, the potentiality of consciousness is such that the laws of physics 

must obey the deeper laws of conscious intention.

In SEM, the practitioner works with subtle undetected energies to switch 

off genes and erase imprints of disease that create pathology. SEM is also 

wonderful for recovering from emotional blocks or simply from difficult life 

situations or circumstances. This process is sometimes called 

transmutation or quantum healing. As a result of SEM sessions, you will 

transform your life elegantly.