Watch Kay Dougherty on the Travel Channels program "The Dead Files Revisited" where Kay was called in by a family to heal their space after it was determined to have several issues affecting the occupants.

Body Mind Heart ~

Kay Dougherty is a Shaman of the Peruvian Andean tradition. Kay has not only helped me to forge a profoundly intimate relationship with mother nature (not an easy feat for a die hard Manhattanite) she has also healed me and my family with so much love. I respect her work enormously. When I look back over my many years of yoga and commitment to a spiritual path, I recognize countless times when my personal healing sessions with Kay brought me forward with so much grace. Kay and I lead Shamanic events together locally and in Peru.

"Kay Dougherty advances the conversation of energy healing profoundly in this wonderful and important new work. Though I am not a bereaved twin myself, I am deeply moved by the personal healing journey outlined here as a map toward greater spiritual connection for all of us interested in shamanic energy work.

"Whole in My Soul" is a warm introduction to shamanic energy medicine for brand new beginners; but also revolutionizes some old preconceptions about "letting go" in order to advance along the spiritual path. This is a great read for anyone interested in the shamanic experience. Over and over while I read this book, Dougherty's clear voice expressed ideas I've either experienced directly, heard and/or read about elsewhere over the years. And yet today they felt brand new and landed in a "Whole" new way thanks to Dougherty's approachable, compassionate and no-nonsense tone."
- Eric Stoneberg


Kay and Robert Sharpe of Blog Talk Radio discuss shamanism and the spiritual path that led her to her craft.