Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition Therapy is an essential part of any wellness regime. All food is 

vibrational and therefore all food creates an energetic resonance with you 

as a person. Most people in America eat the same 40 food-items year in 

and year out and it causes imbalances that, over time, can lead to illness.

With the rise of monoculture (single crops), the subsequent depletion of 

the proper mineral and nutrients in soil, loss of plant diversity, the 

industrialization of the food supply, the creation of  “fast-food” and food-like 

substances that are not real food at all, it can be daunting trying to 

ascertain what constitutes a proper diet!

In addition to the decline in nutrient-dense foods, the internet has 

compounded the disinformation about holistic nutrition. There are a 

number of reasons for this: lack of research, poorly conducted research, 

and, in some cases, negative PR strategies by competitors to attempt to 

make people fearful of using food remedies, herbal formulas, and vitamins. 

Add to this all of the popular diets and approaches that contradict each 

other - for instance Paleo vrs. Vegan - and people are more confused and 

frustrated than ever before when it comes to diet. Sadly, many people give 

up before they even start.

The reality is that herbology and food as medicine is thousands of years 

old and is the foundation for medicine and pharmacology. There are vast 

bodies of information that can help people find healing and relief from a 

myriad of maladies with little, if any, side effects! My role is to help you find 

solutions that are right for your lifestyle, budget and needs.

My training in Holistic Nutrition is under the Mentorship of Master Herbalist 

and Vitamin Formulator KP Khalsa who emphasizes food as medicine, 

combining both Eastern and Western herbology with traditional Chinese 

medicine. I am a current candidate for Board Certification as a Holistic 

Nutritionist. [Initial 25 min phone consultation FREE]