What to Expect During A Shamanic Healing

Private Healing sessions are generally two hours long. We will talk for half an hour to focus on areas in which you would like assistance. You will sit or lie in a comfortable position while I perform necessary healing on the clients energetic body, sometimes called the aura. No physical touch is involved and you will remain fully clothed during a session.

It is strongly recommended that you take the afternoon or evening off after a session to rest and restore. Abstinence from alcohol, drugs, and sexual activity are required for 3 - 21 days after a session depending on your needs.

Shamanic Healings are also initiations. Shifts and changes will occur in the weeks and months after the healing. As is the case with all types of energy medicine the shifts can range from subtle to profound, with some shifts happening immediately and others unfolding over time. During this process, many new insights and inspirations will come to you.  It is expected that you continue to work thoughtfully to integrate and process your healing.

katherine dougherty

Kay has been a full-time shamanic energy healer since 2005. Her training in Peruvian Shamanism began in 2004 first as a client and then as a student.