What is Shamanic Energy Medicine?

Shamanic Energy Medicine is the ancient science of what we now call epigenetics. Thought a serious of techniques and rituals shamanic energy medicine profoundly improves the quality of your energetic body and instructs our cells, molecules and DNA to create health wellness and balance.

Most modalities accept that your health or lack thereof, and your emotions are created by and operated by the instructions of your ancestral family.  Thus, most of us do not think that we can change our inherited illness and dramas - be they mental, emotional or physical.  Not True!   With shamanic energy medicine, the practitioner utilized subtle undetected energies to switch off genes and erase imprints of disease that create pathology.  You will transmute this energy and as the result you will transform your life elegantly

katherine dougherty

Kay has been a full-time shamanic energy healer since 2005. Her training in Peruvian Shamanism began in 2004 first as a client and then as a student.